Outdoor Rack

Frame made of 20/10 galvanized sheet steel.

Dimensions 600x2015x600 mm

The top has been manufactured with 20 mm slope to avoid fluid accumulation.

It has a plinth with rear access for cable entry.

From 200 to 300 micron with embossed RAL 7035 polyester gofrado.

IP55 protection. Adaptation to add air conditioning equipments.

Doors and side panels

Front and rear doors and side panels made with galvanized steel.

Locking system with 3 fixing points.

Opening hinged doors 180º rotation.

Doors and side panels with EPDM protection.

color gris

RAL 7035

Out door

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Panel mounts

The frame includes four panel mounts for 19” equipments installation.

The frame allows the installations of the panel mounts with 25 mm


Made of 15/10 galvanized steel.

According to the 19” norm: DIN10050 / UNE 20324



200 micron covering with embossed RAL 7035 polyester.


Possibility to add a fan unit under the top

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